Solid Mechanics (Mechanical) IES/GATE Handwritten Notes

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Why choose Gurusnotes Mechanical engineering solid Mechanics study material?

– -Study Material From top coaching and Written by Toppers.
– -Contains solved problems on most important and most asked concepts.
– -Written in Easy, clean and readable handwriting.
– -It covers all the basic concepts clearly which are easy to read and understand.
– -It helps to students struggling with the vast syllabus, not knowing where to focus on.
– -Saves time and cost instead of taken for individual subject.

Toppers IES/GATE/PSU Handwritten study material which is fully updated.

If you are doing self-study or have completed coaching then these are the must-have notes for your preparations.

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It is time to start the preparation from the best professors instead of this we are offering the handwritten notes preferred by those professors. Those who are preparing for IES and GATE exam and still searching for good IES/GATE study material. So here are best Handwritten notes for IES and GATE aspirants.
IES tests conceptual capability while GATE tests problem solving capability. So both the exams requires utmost preparation with enormous knowledge to solve any type of question.
Quick fix:
-The questions that everyone will face in GATE will be far more tough to solve than that of IES. GATE questions require you to apply many concepts in a single problem. You should have good problem solving capabilities for that. On the other hand, most of the questions that are asked in IES are direct & formula or a single concept based.
-Coaching institutes have been working over the years to master the field of education. It is better to get notes from the most experienced professors and trainers.
Cost Analysis:
-It offers less cost to buy these books than to offer fee for coaching institutes or for individual coaching.

Topics in Solid Mechanics:

  • Equivalent force systems
  • Free-body diagrams
  • Equilibrium equations
  • Analysis of determinate trusses and frames
  • Friction; particle kinematics and dynamics
  • Dynamics of rigid bodies under planar motion
  • Law of conservation of energy
  • Law of conservation of momentum.

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